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 G8M Gang Rules ! [READ]

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G8M Gang Rules ! [READ]  Empty
PostSubject: G8M Gang Rules ! [READ]    G8M Gang Rules ! [READ]  Icon_minitimeWed Nov 14, 2012 12:14 pm

G8M Gang Rules ! [READ]  G8mgangrul01528.th
G8M Gang Rules ! [READ]  Thumbnmail
§ Respect Server Rules
§ Respect forum Rules
§ Never Use Cheats / Hacks in server !
§ Never insult any player or you will get a gang warning ( 3 warns = kick ! )
§ Never Ask For Promotion in Clan !
§ Never forum spam
§ To Join The Clan You Need to be patient and wait for a leader
§ You Must be tested by a leader or a Trusted member to join the clan
§ You Should post that you are going to be ianctiv before leaving
G8M Gang Rules ! [READ]  24zdsie.th
Not Following Any of these Rules you will get a Kick from the Gang !
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G8M Gang Rules ! [READ]
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